"I approached Lynn Travers of My Financial Wisdom to facilitate a workshop on financial independence for a group of urban Aboriginal women in Toronto. Lynn was able to expertly deliver an enthusiastic and accessible workshop. Lynn’s enthusiasm for the material shone through. It was immediately evident to me that Lynn was a seasoned professional who loves sharing her passion with others. She provided an incredibly useful, engaging workshop for our participants. The participants have been raving about her! I have already booked Lynn for an upcoming workshop. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. "

Jocelyn Murphy, Housing Coordinator, Native Womens Resource Centre of Toronto

"Thank you so much Lynn! I appreciate it! My PAIN was feeling overwhelmed, confused and nervous about all things money. I wanted to work with someone who has a great relationship with 'numbers' so to speak, and knows their way around personal finances, how to approach them in an organized fashion, and most importantly how to build wealth. I think reaching any goal in life comes down to a positive mental attitude, an effective process, and discipline in that process, so I wanted to work with someone who had these things in spades! So my pain has been greatly lessened by having you provide these processes, and clarification around action steps in building my wealth."

Jocelyn Mercer

"I approached Lynn Travers at My Financial Wisdom as I wanted to make changes to my portfolio and was feeling unsure of my limited knowledge in that field. As a result of spending valuable time with Lynn I came away with a renewed energy of how to move forward and be organized in doing so. I am in the process of change with a new investment manager and feeling very confident. Lynn cut through my insecurities, answered my questions and taught me that I knew far more than I realized. "

Diane Feather

"I wish that I had met you five years ago. I cannot thank you enough for all of your support this year. I feel so lucky to have met you. You came into my life at a very key point in time and given me some very valuable advice. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. "

Katie Ozolins

"Essentially, it was really positive and you got 4s and 5s out of 5 from all the women who took the course. They also said that they found you very knowledgeable about the topic. A lot of them also commented that they are going to start budgeting and saving. "

Kalum Perera

"Helping women be financially secure...I may have realized my dream already, if I knew or met you earlier in my life Lynn - but countless now will benefit from your services! "

Jackie Lieu

"Thank you so much for the workshop. It was clear and helpful. In gratitude "

Marisol Carrera